Our school was established in 1968 and has steadily grown, moved premises and evolved into the Centre for Dance Excellence that it is today.

We are home to more than 120 students, ranging from 4 years of age to pre professional and teacher’s training levels, and are exceptional in that we are the only school in the area which offers bilingual tuition in 6 dance forms.


Why should children learn to dance?

Not all students will become professional dancers or teachers, but we aim to ensure that every student who passes through our hands, has the opportunity to learn the wonderful sense of achievement to be gained from mastering one of life’s most challenging and beautiful art forms, & will be able to become part of the educated dance audience of the future.

As Ballet is the basis of all Dance Forms, it is advisable, but not obligatory that children begin their Dance training with this method. When Ballet and Dance forms are taught correctly, by qualified and experienced teachers, they can only be beneficial.

  • Stimulates and develops the neural pathways of the brain
  • Stimulates and develops both gross and fine motor co ordination
  • Can improve or correct poor posture & help to strengthen the growing child
  • Promotes self-discipline & awareness
  • Learning and taking part in Examinations and Competitions assists in building confidence
  • Students learn to establish a sense of movement, rhythm and an appreciation of music
  • Children have fun!